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Cover art for Archivon album Best of 1993-1994

Best Of 1993-1994
released 1994
Amber Waves
Detector of Lies
Heavy Dreams
That's Life
Universal Holocaust

Jeffrey Harris - vocals Tom Mody - guitar
Billy Pierce - bass ('93) Todd Hensley - guitar
Bob Heath - bass ('94) Brian Blaine - drums

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Archivon was really the continuation of Harbinger but with a "bleeding" drummer. There also was some issue with the Harbinger name as another band in the Albany area was using it whom we actually met while both bands were selected to perform at The Empire Music Conference in 1993. The name came from our High School yearbook as Jeff, Billy and myself went to the same high school, Sherburne-Earlville. Billy would leave us for a while and Bob Heath was recruited in 1994.

The 1993 sessions were a 3 song demo recorded at a makeshift studio at our rehersal place in the closed Smyrna School. Detector of Lies and Amber Waves were written shortly after the Harbinger "the Inevitable" sessions and they were played out at most Harbinger shows. Comatose predates my joining Harbinger. Our rehearsal space and studio was in what was most likely a kindergarten room. It had a large walk-in storage room which is where the control room was located. A guy actually had a recording studio a few classrooms down the hall and we paid him for some sessions. I think he said he ran sound for Argent but the finished product was horrible so I went out and bought a Tascam 8 track cassette unit and we recorded the demos ourself. Jeff was in charge of all the production. It was a very clean recording and I was real impressed with the drum sound. I mean, it's 8 track cassette. You couldn't get a lower standard unless you were going from boom box to boom box- which I use to do in my teens. But we had some good outboard gear. Despite the decent sound there's alot I'm not happy with. Each song has something that just doesn't sit well with me. Nothing consistent per song just little things here and there that probably could have been improved with an outside ear.

By 1994 we had actually moved into the classroom where the other guy's studio was (as he moved out). It was a great rehersal space as there was a glass separation between control and sound room which we didn't have down the hall being stuck in the storage room. Jeff again was handling all the production as he did for everything in those days. All the drums for the 1994 demo (except for about 10 seconds) were recorded there. I know we did a good portion of the guitar there as well. At some point we had to leave the space because the management decided they were not going to rent rooms anymore. The equipment ended up at Jeff's house and he over time he recorded the vocals there on his own though I remember it taking forever... at least a couple months. We eventually moved to an empty store front in Norwich and it was probably mixed to 2 track there along with one 10 second fix which we'll get to in the liner notes. These recordings were not nearly as clean as the previous year but they had a bite to them and a ferocious performance from Brian Blaine on drums. The 3 songs from this era were what I consider us at our peak and sadly we were not able to capitalize on the momentum of these demos. Now 13 years later they are going to get redone and act as the catalyst for new material on an upcoming UDM album.

In 2000 I converted both 2 track 1/4" sessions to CD and created the "eyes in the lightning" cover which is a vast improvement from the crude cassette J-cards of a similar design on the original 1994 cassette.

Tom Mody

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