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Archivon CD cover for Live das Boot Archivon
das Boot DVD

released 2007
Live performce at
RockFest '93 as featured on the CD Live das Boot
K-Rock Radio interview
Rehearsal & preshow footage

Jeffrey Harris - vocals Tom Mody - guitar
Billy Pierce - bass Todd Hensley - guitar
Brian Blaine - drums

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As I was reviewing footage to include as video breaks on this web site I made the extra effort and converted this whole concert to DVD. The audio is from our Live Bootleg CD - "Live das Boot". The video is pretty static, just the one full stage shot camera angle and shot on a camcorder at that so I'm not offering the utmost video quality here. It was just an awsome performance captured bootleg style. I did throw in a bunch of extras like some studio and pre show rehearsals along with a radio interview we did the night before the show. This performance was from an event called Rock Fest '93 in Randallsville, New York in August of 1993. Details of which you can read about in the Archivon History Page.

Tom Mody

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