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Archivon CD cover for Live das Boot Archivon
Live das Boot
released 1993
Edge of Insanity
Amber Waves
No Shadow
The Other Life
Grand Canyon
Voice From The Past
Birds Of A Feather
We'll Meet Again
Detector Of Lies
Something Wicked

Jeffrey Harris - vocals Tom Mody - guitar
Billy Pierce - bass Todd Hensley - guitar
Brian Blaine - drums

::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

When listening to this album, the first thing you must realize is that it was recorded from a camcorder so I won't be judging the overall sound quality. Also, on the liner notes I won't be getting too much into the writing of the songs that are already featured on studio versions though we have 2 songs, Grand Canyon and Something Wicked which never made it to official studio release and I will elaborate more on those songs as to their history.

This show was performed on August 15th 1993 in Randallsville New York at an outdoor event called RockFest. The band Floating Noah played before us and the band Culprit followed us. As you can see from the album cover we had a very steep ramp up to the drums which were about 10' high and we had a huge backdrop of our lightning eyes cover behind us. Just kidding on the backdrop, that's just computer manipulation obviously but that would have been awsome. Sadly 4 songs were left off the recording due to various quality reasons. The Witness was a staple in our show for many years and that is on the Harbinger demo that preceded me. Vocal level problems made me keep it off the album. All Walks of Life was a a killer song writen around the time of Amber Waves and Detector of Lies but there was some commotion near the camcorder during that song so it couldn't be used. We never recorded an aceptable version of that in a studio. XL from Harbinger "the Inevitable" was also played but the PA died during part of the song. 21 Run which had an absolutely devestating middle drum section live (as opposed to the drum machine studio version) was a killer tune that also had to be cut for reasons I can't recall. Jeff may have had vocal mike problems.

As a band we always practiced hard and this show was particularly vibrant. The Harbinger and Archivon material is not the easiest stuff to play live, very progressive, very complex, but we used to just blister right through it at Brian's break neck pace. I think Culprit was pretty stunned having to follow us that day.

We actually rehearsed the day before with the stage set and then did a live hour radio interview on K-Rock in Utica to promote the show. The Archivon '93 songs hadn't been recorded yet so the station played songs from Harbinger "the Inevitable" I hate my guitar sound on this, particularly my lead sound. The PA system was Culprit's and their guy was running sound. Todd would use a 10 band pedal EQ to boost and smooth out his lead tone and I relied on the sound man for lead boosts. My stubborn mistake and I soon after boosted my leads just like Todd. Todd also use to run his guitar through a distortion box then into some ancient bass head and he always got a better sound than me. He had some modest G&L guitar and I had a Gibson Flying V and he still got a better sound- frustrating.

What also makes this show worthy of a full album is that we didn't have too many shows taped all the way through from this era. We won a large battle of the bands in Utica and never got a tape of what I consider our best night so this show is special in that regard and not so much for it's sound quality. If you don't know the songs from the studio recordings then you won't care for this. But then again, it comes down to what Jeff and myself want to present and we love this.

Tom Mody

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