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Archivon DVD cover for Road to Purgatory Archivon
Road to Purgatory DVD

released 2007
Band Rehearsals
Photo Shoots
Recording Sessions
Performances from
Club Purgatory
The Witness
Edge of Insanity
Amber Waves
Detector of Lies

Jeffrey Harris - vocals Tom Mody - guitar
Billy Pierce - bass Todd Hensley - guitar
Brian Blaine - drums

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As I was remastering the video from our show at The Purgatory in Rochester, New York I was fairly pleased with 4 of the songs but knew that wasn't enough to package on a DVD so I went through and followed a trail from the first rehearsal when Brian joined the band on through to the Purgatory show. Along the way were some 4 piece rehearsals during the time Todd had quit and then his rejoining 5 piece rehearsals. Other behind the scenes footage includes a photo shoot, recording of the Archivon '93 demo and other random recreational segments including a heated argument between Jeff and myself... Hmmm! All-in-all, a nice compilation of 1993 although I did not retread on a any of the RockFest '93 footage from the "Das Boot DVD". Combined the 2 DVDs are a complete record of the '93 band culminating in the Purgatory show which had high hopes of being a boost to the next level. Though that never happened, if you watch the DVD just pretend that it did... that's what I do!

Tom Mody

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