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Harbinger DVD cover for Video '91 Harbinger
Video '91 DVD

released 1991
Band Rehearsals
Band Interviews
Recording Sessions
Live Performances  

Jeffrey Harris - vocals Tom Mody - guitar
Billy Pierce - bass Todd Hensley - guitar

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Video 91' was my brain child. Harbinger had filmed almost weekly in 1991. We had extensive footgae of practices, the recording of "the Inevitable", live concerts and promo interviews. So I had our raod manager Rick "Mosh" Turner individually read us some questions about the past year and I weaved the recorded band footage around those questions. For 2007 when I put it to DVD it looks really cheesy but in 1991 it was quite good- again considering that it was home edited between 2 VCR's. I cleaned up some of the edits in the DVD master but most of the flaws are still evident. I also kept all the corny graphics which preceeded each segment theme. However, If you know what went in to even getting those to tape in 1991 you'd appreciate them a little better. Jeff actually did the band member intro piece on a little comodore computer and I know that was an incredible chore. I'm quite proud of this and it has some notable moments to mention.

First off I'm not one to comment much on how I look. I don't complain too much about how my smile is in a picture or any of that type of stuff but during my interview I am having the worst hair day and seriously, I don't think I've ever uttered that phrase before. Then during the some of the live footage I'm appalled again by my hair. I think I kept the front short because I was usually doing business stuff during the week and was trying to play both sides. It was long but still a bit goofy looking. Billy didn't show up the day Rick did interviews so he filmed himself at home answering the questions. The funny part is that I didn't edit out everytime he turned his head to read the sheet- if you know Billy it's hysterical to us. Todd was his usual glib self. Seemingly on track to answer the questions then just bursts out the absurdities- again hysterical.

The footage of rehearsal was quite good in that it showed us working out vocal arrangements and stage moves etc. Eveyone got a bit of recording footage and that shows nicely the process we went through in making the album. There's footage of our first live show including me losing time with the drum machine. There's also songs never before heard that were written after we recorded. The footage from our high school shows promoting SADD not only highlights the concert but the pre and post fan meetings and some faculty interviews. We sum it all up with our thoughts and ambitions for the coming year. I guess our crystal ball had a crack in it.

In summary, it's an exact 2 hour representation of the enitre year that was 1991 for Harbinger.


Tom Mody

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