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Mody Harris Band History


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Cover art I Storm single I of the Storm

I Storm
Single Releases
released 2014-2017


I of the Storm
Heroes Die

Jeffrey Harris - vocals Tom Mody - guitar
Alan LoPresti - guitar  

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Around November 2012, Matt Zaia put me in contact with Alan LoPresti who like Matt was a local musican I remember from my early years that I now was to become better acquainted. I needed help in producing better music and Alan had much experience in performance and studio production. Alan had been away from music for a number of years and our friendship seemed to fuel a desire to start writing and producing again. He threw me a line which was the opening riffs and verses for I of the Storm and based on the arrangement and demo that Jeff and I created from that seed, we formed the recording project I Storm. It can be best described as Anthemic Power Audio with an eye towrads a commercial market or sound track. Unlike much of the less disciplined music I like to indulge in, we spend alot of pre-production time crafting a demo with production work going at both Alan's and my studio. But it has also proven to be a project of unusally equal contribution in all phases or writing, recording and production. The 2nd track Heroes Die was written in 2015 but finally produced and released with a video in 2017.

Tom Mody

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