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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

O Come All Ye Faithful
Arrangement: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesThis song set a great tone for the CD because right from the opening vocal lines you can hear that the melodies and arrangements might go in a fresh direction- which they do. The intrplay between the girls vocal lines is pretty cool as they hold out certain words while the other continues the line- an example of ideas in my head actually worked well when implemented. One of my favorite moments on this track occured when I sent Aria to the mic with the directive "riff some opera." I played the music and let her literally execute my instructions and to my amazement she had no problem just letting the opera riffs flow off the cuff. It was meant to be a bit in the background but clearly a cool part of the song. This was the 2nd vocal track we cut and was proof to me that the girls great performances were no fluke on the first song Silent Night.

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