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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

O Holy Night
Arrangement: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesThis was technically the last main track on the album except I later added some reprise bonus songs with alternate versions. But as the last track it was also the last song I wrote for the album and to be honest I was a little rushed so I didn't get too adventurous with the arrangement. I wanted to keep it simple but wanted to take what was normally a slow and beautiful song and give it some marching orders. I layered up the guitar harmonies for the melody and really made the track peppy with the marching drum beat. The middle sectionis a nice distraction from te main melody and takes my interpretation to an original place but probably with a little more time I could have built something more interesting. But the directive I set for the track was accomplished. On many of the songs I felt free to create the feel to what ever came to me at that moment but with this song already having a placement point on the CD I needed to meet a feel for a track that ends the album and that was a bit different than all the other tracks so anytime you meet the objective you can take pride in that.

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