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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

What Child is This (reprise)
Arrangement: LoPresti, Mody

album cover art for Tom MOdy's album Word
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Tom Mody song liner notesAs a musican, this is the surprise gem on the album. Alan LoPresti had given me a great arranged backing track which Aria sang on beautifully earlier in the album. But I wanted to take a crack at my own guitar interpretation with a cool jazz style- certainly not my forte. I needed to up the elements in the arrangement as the vocal version was quite sparse and intimate. But the addition of the organ and the jazz guitar really gave another emotinal spin to Alan's beautiful finger picking. Alan would hear most of the arangements as I was creating the album and offer his encouragement but as is often the case with us, we don't always see music the same way and I don't think this was his favorite interpretion. But I just love it as a player and how it makes me feel emotionally. I did follow some suggestions of his to back off a bit and stick to the melody and in spots it was the right call. But I still needed to add my personal stylistic nuances as the song kicked in to the second part. Still to hear this cool jazz version come off my fingers with a great tone was many years in the waiting and it's a great end cap to a stellar album.

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