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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

Away in a Manger
Arrangement: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesThe intro was a bit of a tricky gamble. I was always intent on finding some different sound-scapes and at the time I created this track the album was still intended to be instrumental. This song became an vocal track when Aria had told me about the different melodic versions, american vs english, and that she was comfortable with the english version. Then came the idea of adjusting a harmony with one version over the other, an idea that again seemed cool in my head and implemented great on application. So we did the american version in trade-off lines to start the track over the drums then went into the harmony concept followed by each girl getting a whole segment assigned to a different melody version- Antonia: american and Aria: english. This arrangement is intersting because you generally build the song so the harmony climaxes the track but in this case the fuller vocal up front creates a unique arrangement allowing the different regional melodies to break away from the mixed harmony. But back to the tricky intro. Putting vocals over those drums to start the track just needed some extra attention in production. Maybe I'm use to it and it throws people off more than I realize but I think I got the mix just right and it's a really cool and different idea.

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