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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

Joy to the World
Arrangement: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesIn creating these new arrangements I generally found a drum pattern I liked and then wrote the traditional melody on the keyboard. It's kind of like making a cake by starting with a pan and the topping. Once I had that I built the bulk of the song, bass, rhythm guitars and filler keys under the melody. But intros and musical extensions beyond the traditional melodies were always the fun parts that made the arrangements unique. This intro is a fairly simply layered note sequence but it leaves you not really sure when the song will kick in or where it might go- a simple and effective application to make an original arrangement. To give myself more playing space I extended some musical arrangements past the melodies. It's a bit of filler as these classic songs are pretty short and it gave me some fun segments to noodle over on the guitar.

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