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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

What Child is This
Arrangement: LoPresti, Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesA champion of this project from the very beginning was Alan LoPresti. I would send Alan the demos in various forms and his guidance the previous year in my music production process can not be over stated in how well this CD sounds- comparative to any previous projects. Alan had told me about an arrangement of What Child is This he had done some years ago and he was more than willing to cut the guitar track again for this album. He sent me an initial spec guitar. I then had Aria do a vocal run though but after sitting with it a few days it was clear we all needed a second round of re-recording to get the feel just right. It took me some time to noodle with the musical accompaniment and Alan had some input as to adjusting a bit of the sparse drums before he recut his guitar. In fact, lookiing at all aspects of the track from a minimalist perspective was important. Since many of the tracks were highly orchestrated I felt we needed a soft personal song, particularly at this point in the album song order. Ultimately the song rests on Aria's feel for the track which in our second session was much improved and more heartfelt.

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