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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

Queen of Carols
Music & Words: Mody

album cover art for Tom MOdy's album Word
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When the Queen of Carols of Christmas comes calling at your door
The songs the Wisemen sang, traveling afar, have found you their star

When the Queen of Carols of Christmas comes calling at your door
Every note shines a blessing, when the Queen of Carols calls.
Sing me my Queen.

Hear me Queen of Carols of Christmas I sing you Heaven’s Score
Giving hope and love and reason to a child’s delight on a frosty cold night.

I’ve sang songs with choirs of angels that thunder in the clouds.
I’ve sung lullabies to a babe in a manger yet no one heard a sound.

Can you hear the ringing of snowflakes? Listen close, it’s crystal clear.
Harmonies raining from Heaven. Telling me my time is near.

When you sing my carols of Christmas upon thy neighbors door.
You understand true reason of blinking tree lights and reindeer in flight.

And if I choose this season to sing upon your door.
Love from the heart of a babe in a manger will leave you never more.

Can you hear the ringing of snowflakes? Listen close, it’s crystal clear.
Harmonies raining from Heaven. Calling me, calling me

Telling me my time is near.

Tom Mody song liner notesEvery album should have a big moment and to me Queen of Carols is it. I wanted each girl to have an orginal composition to sing. For Aria I wanted to create a track that represented her big operatic voice and her theatrical background. I wanted the song to be a bit bigger and more dramatic than the average carol. I spec'd out the opening lyrical concepts through the mid point of the song. Christmas Carols generally don't get structured in the popular verse-prechorus-chorus formats and though I wanted this track to stand out I did want to keep some general carol structure in mind so I didn't write it like a pop song. When it came to the music it all started with the opening keyboard melody. I'd like to say I had this melody in my head and transposed it as such to be the melody of the Queen of Carols. The truth is I was tapping on keys to see if the keyboard was working and this is what I tapped. I immeditaely knew what I had off-the-cuff played sounded good and quickly repeated it so I wouldn't forget it and quickly recorded the melody. It was clear that the melody as a stand alone intro was going to create the exact feel I wanted leading to a grander main verse arrangement. During this time my musical confidant on this project, Alan LoPresti, had been honing his vocal skills to match his exceptional guitar playing and based on the music he had been vocalizing it became obvious to me that the song was set up for a male-female vocal based on his soft and enchanting style. I wrote the opening melody with him in mind as to entice him to do it. He had it down after one short revision. Musically it gets very exciting in the studio as you build layers of orchestration. After every new layer I would play the track many times reveling in the fullness I had added and with each layer there was another level of emotion to the track. Over the years I had done basic orchestration adding a violin line or cello sound to a track. And to be honest, this song could have really gone full scale but I just have no experience managing or even creating a full orchestra, but 3 or 4 levels of keys was manageable and more imporatntly, comfortable for me to mix. Aria was great as usual in developing my melodies. usually I just tell her to figure out a harmony and she quickly adjusts to what I want. Most of the main vocals went smoothly but I knew I needed some build and some "fa-la-la's" to weave in the musical interludes since she IS the Queen of Carols. That took a few weeks of thought before we came back to completing the track. At the end of the mid section I had her really belt a note out and one of the toughest mixing decisions was figuring out how loud it needed to be in the mix. But in trying different variations it was obvious that it needed to be somewhat distant to keep the "cheese factor" out of the song. Another vocal addition were Alan's vocals in the middle music interlude. I pulled his vocals from the intro and strategically re-arranged them to interplay with Aria- a nice finishing touch. Lyrically Queen of Carols is about the special blessings and gifts of grace and understanding one would receive when being sung to by what is essentially God's premier caroling angel.

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