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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

We Three Kings
Arrangement: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesI had just heard a song from the band Opeth called Cusp of Eternity and they had this plucky delayed intro weaved into the music so the backing music concpet is loosely based on that inspiration. This track took a few days of do-overs as gettin the whammy bar bends just right required some repetition and reevaluation. Over a few days the smoothness of the execution got easy and more comfortable. If it was a rock album I'd just go for broke and get crazy but there was a subtleness and bends in the wrong places no matter how controlled just didn't feel or sound right. As the track builds I open it up abut more and allow a more intense whammy bend the same was you would crescendo a vocal line. The more you use certain aspects of the software the more you learn of couse, and in this case I was using a lot of keyboard synth sounds over mellower music and on this particluar track I was having an issue keeping tuning with all the instruments. I assumed it had to do with the bending of the whammy bar creating different intonations but as I went back and isolated bass and keyboards I realized the bass seemed to be off a touch. This was problematic because I had completed the melody guitars and surely didn't want to redo them. After closer examination of the separate tracks I realized something I never had before in that the keyboardsound softwarehad had detune settings so it wa the keyboards that were slightly deturned in different degrees with each preset sound. By adjusting the detune back to zero it brought the track back together though I had made some minor tweaks on certain strings throughout the track depending on where on the fretboard I was focused so in spots there still might be a funky intonation in the guiatr. Besides all that technical manutia, I like this track because it gave the CD an edge musically.

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