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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

Silent Night
Arrangement: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesWhen the girls agreed to sing on the CD I asked them what they wanted to do first and they picked Silent Night. So this was the track to see exactly what I was getting myself into with 12 year old young talent wasting summer hours in my studio. Sure their attention spans were short and after 90 minutes or so their day was over but they just didn't need any more prep. There was no warm-ups, no pre-production demos. I simply sent them in and said "sing this" or "try this" and it was done quickly and done well. Maybe 3 sessions at the most were needed for any of these tracks. Again, we're not talking about seasoned studio musicians, we're talking about 12 year olds who had better things to do and they just sang so beautifully and effortlessly... and in key. They helped develop the harmony ideas and when I threw a few curve balls at them like the interweaving trade-off in words and extending melodies to over lap with each other they just did it. I remember playing this over and over thinking I had no expectation it would be this good and was eager with the possibilities for the rest of the CD. Musically my biggest challenge on this track was the nylon guitar solo. I have a very old classical guitar, it plays nice enough but I have no idea when it was restrung and I have little experience mic'ing it. So to get a reasonably good solo on the track was a relief. There were a couple spots the intonation was off and some of it's noticeable if you listen for it and a few note I ran through pitch correctjust to tighten them up. On the very first notes I actually digitally flattened out my vibrato as it was just a bit over the top and detuned in the bending. In the end, this track will always stand out for me because it represents that first moment of realization at how good this all could be.

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