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Tom Mody
Christmas & Queens

Christmas Night
Music & lyrics: Mody

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It's Christmas night in my city and all the work is done.
It's Christmas night in my city the children had their fun.

Hold me, hold me, as I rest my weary eyes.
Hold me, hold me, until the morning rise.

It's Christmas night in my city and yet my mind won't sleep.
It's Christmas night in my city such memories to keep.

Cookies and candy and presents and brandyfinally set aside.
The houses still blinking and families singing through candles last flickering light.

Hold me, hold me, this one last loving gift.
Hold me, Hold me, set me know adrift.

It's Christmas night in my city the years most holy night.
It's Christmas night in my city when peace and love reprise.

Hold me, hold me, we've nothing left to cheer.
Hold me, Hold me, we'll dream of the coming year.
Hold me, hold me, as I rest my weary eyes.
Hold me, hold me, until the morning rise.

Tom Mody song liner notesDuring the early process of writing songs when this CD was only an instrumental I had known I wanted Antonia to sing this song on my album. Christmas Night was a song I wrote and we recorded a few years earlier and we even shot a video for it. But she was much younger then and I had some guitar timing issues I didn't catch when we made the original and I wanted another shot to get that right. Problem was, for some reason I never saved the original multi track. I had to recreate everything from scratch, digging up the old drum sounds and keyboard settings was frustrating but I eventually did it and re-recorded everything- and more tightly and in time as well. Then when she got in the studio she promptly inormed me that since she's older now she can't sing it in that lower key. I kind of dismissed that idea and said try it but she was right. So I had to riase the key up a bit and re-record everything again. This was all done towards the end of the project and she probably was quite burned out on working with me by September so I'm going to be fatherly critical and say she did a really good job on this but had someone else been producing they might have been able to get that little extra you look for to make something magic. It's a great song about that experience we all have once the craziness of Christmas day is over and we just exhale. She has the perfect sweetness in her voice for this song to emote the desire to just be "held" after the long holiday season. But I would also love to hear a superstar production and performance if someone bought this song because I think it's one of those tracks that could be a great holiday cover for a number of artists over many years.

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