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Fighting 50

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Tom Mody song liner notesThe tracks and video for Virus were created over a 7 day period in March of 2015. I wanted to record and produce a video in a week so it was completely from Scratch. At the time I wasn't thinking of the whole, as in an album, but being able to knock out a song with a singular focus on sounds, texture and ultimately production- particularly final mastering. Up to this point in my many recording years I always had trouble with getting modern metal tones so I gravitated more to an expiremental choice of creating textured distortion instead of a wall of distortion. I used a 7 string guitar I rarely play to record most of the rhythm tracks and found slightly distorded and overly distorted presets in software called Amplitube. I also choose very dry drum sound presets I could build upon and I think crafted a unique tone and texture to the song, avoiding sounding like every other metal track. The guitar lead was oddly jazzy in such a moody and dark soundscape. But mastering was going to be the key. The issue with most of home digital recording is that what sounds great in the studio basement can sound like garbage on a car stereo, or headphones or a laptop. Mastering is an art to bring the full mix to life at a consistent level on all speaker types. You want low frequencies that dont make the mix mushy. You want punch in the high mids but tempered enough to not create ear fatigue on computer speakers. And you don't want certain frequencies or sections or reverbs to jump out of the mix uncontrollably. I had finally gotten the skill set presentable on my Christmas & Queens album but that wasn't hard rock mixing. The dilligence and time and remixes paid off as once I got a great mastering preset in my software, I woukld later realize the preset translated to many of my upcoming tracks. I essence I had found the right settings for my studio that could be used on other songs to transmit consistently to all mediums. I'm no pro nor do I have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to compete against that final product. But I do now have what is called the "virus" preset in my mastering software and it's a consistency that has always eluded me. However, the track itself had no name at the time of it's completion. I had to complete my project with a video and I was going through some stock video graphics and the bloodstream clips kept grabbing my attention so I created a story where the transmission of a virus in organic matter is transmitted through sound (my guitar) and injected as a genesis effect on a dead planet ( see Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.) I'm very please all around with the whole process as it was a genesis for the best produced rock album of my catalog... by a mile!

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