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Tom Mody
Fighting 50

Music: Mody, Zaia

album cover art for Tom Mody's album Fighting 50
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Tom Mody song liner notesThis track has a most interesting genesis. It started with bass riffs from Matt Zaia and slowly worked into shape up through a chorus with the possibility of being a vocal track. Then I got an email from Reverb Nation that they had a submission opportunity for a steak house commercial. They wanted something one minute long with an intro tag and an updated sound. I felt I could mold Matt's opening bass riff and my chordings into a ultra modern one minute piece that still could retain a western tinge. I created the opening tag and a one minute piece but it of course did not make the cut. Matt and I then completed the song in a much different direction than what it is now. But I had this one minuite piece I wanted to keep for future submissions. However, I later decided to thematically develop the modern western concept and wrote a whole new chorus and extended acoustic breakdown section. My initial reason for doing this is that I loved the production of the one minute track. I felt I really captured good tones from all the instruments and even the drum tracks which have a slight chorus effect on them. The more progressive twist I gave it actually steered it more western and I knew when it was done I had a nicely produced track which has been kind of priority #1 even over the likeability of the track. It is also a great off-set as the albums second song against the darker Virus opening track.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notesAnother one I had absolutely nothing to do with (obviously it’s an instrumental duh). But I have to say, Tom, if you put this one in front of me and I declined…you're welcome! (and the grammy for credit of making Tom Mody turn this one into an instrumental goes to…) One of my favorite instrumentals on the CD. And this is the only way I can be part of it lol.
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