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Tom Mody
Fighting 50

Zombie Clown
Music: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesThis track may be hard to comprehend without a video. But picture someone bringing a zombie clown to a kids birthday party. The zombie clown has a chaperone to keep it in check and it's doing some clown stuff with the help of the chaperone then every once in a while it comes out of it's stupor and starts chasing the kids like a zombie should but eventually the chaperone gets the zombie under control. As you listen to the song you can figure out which parts of the track match that narrative. The genesis of the song came from listening to my former band memeber in the 90's Billy Pierce play some keyboard tracks. That gave me a bit of inspiration on the arrangement up to the point where the zombie has yet to go crazy. The track was originally called "My Zombie Friend" and I had lyrics and a video concept I thought maybe my daughter would do for fun but I never develooped that. I liked the backing music and got some nice bass recordings and good clean guitar but wasn't sure how to move it along. I don't know how that crazy zombie attack breakdown sections came about. Most likely when it comes to break down sections I pull some drum patters into a track and then try to figure out a wy to make it work. My results are usually a bit off the wall and this one of course is not just off the wall but well over it. But the concept works as a visual which is something I tend to do to justify a crazy break in direction. Still the song needed an appropriate musical melody. Once I got a digitech whammy pedal I hooked it up for this track and magic happened. The melodies were nice but also twisted, yet not so much that you lost the melodic appeal of the song. The track was pretty much complete when one day I was at Alan LoPresti's studio and he was going through some interesting sounds on his "fractal" amp modeler. He was laughing about one preset that was really crazy and sounded like pig squeals. Of course he assumed he'd never have a place to use it and as soon as I heard them I said "not so fast!" Believe it or not I have a perfect place for those and I played him the zombie attack sections of the song. I already had the weird keyboard and the whammy bar dive bombs but the pig squeals actually sound more authentic to zombie groans so he recorded those for me to put the icing on the cake for this track.

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