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Tom Mody
Fighting 50

One Point of Light
Music: Mody, Zaia Lyrics: Mody

album cover art for Tom Mody's album Fighting 50
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One Point of Light against ten dirty lies,
and a hundred silent screams
and a thousand ways to die.
One point of light against every wrong we're taught,
and endless seeds of doubt,
and infinite negative thoughts.
One point of lightcan pierce the crystaled veil,
and shatter the crimson crown.
But the shards still puncture like nails.
(I’m taking you down.) Follow the light.
One point of light dead aimed between the eyes,
can burn the mask of hate and split the cultured vice.
One point of lighgt creates resonant place.
Dissipates cowardace hives, illuminates alternate space.
One point of light has a million rays of hope.
To light the eternal night and fuel the internal fight.

Tom Mody song liner notesMy lead vocal prospects can be traced back to this song. Up until this track I had never considered singing a solo vocal track. It would be rare for me to write such a simplistic and quick hitting riff, since I actually don't really write riffs. I tend to build songs from drums up to guitar. Though I did start with the drums on this track they were very straight forward power tracks condusive to writing a riff. But it all started as a sound expirement really. I had just ordered EZ Mix Guitar Gods II software and was eager test the plug-ins for guitar tones so I called up the simplest drum preset I could find and picked a couple preset I though would work well together and then just created a chunky simple off the top of my head riff. And I liked it! I put some bass behind it then used Jeff Loomis octave preset to create a simpe melody. Even the simple melody worked. I played it for Matt Zaia and he wrote a great riff that became the chorus. I conceptually worked out some verse lyrics about following light to a positive place. Matt then wrote some prechorus lyrics. One day I stepped up the mic to try and interpret a vocal for it with a building harmony. It went pretty well but I could not sing the pre-chorus. I let the song sit for months not convinced I could pull it off nor could I come up with a lyrical chorus concept. But once I recorded vocals for Zenfinity and The Chosen Won I had become use to my voice and felt I could make something of the track. So i finished the lyrics but there really isn't a chorus in the sense that the song builds to it. What is the chorus is really just a lyrical vehicle to play against the light as there's a dark voice trying to bring you down and light voice stating follow me. I guess it works but I like to joke that I can't sing chorus' which is why this song and Zenfinity don't really have them, but it's unique. I have tried to use these guitar presets on other songs and oddly it does not seem to translate into a good sound universally. I got very lucky writing in the most simplistic of styles as I realy like the tight crunch on this track and I did not go back and re-record them. The tracks on the song are the first run test tracks and I simply copied and pasted them as needed through out te song. The end tag I added because I had an unused bass riff from Matt and just decided to stick it at the end. makes no sense really other than to turn the dark color of the chorus to a lighter vibe.

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