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Tom Mody
Fighting 50

Music: Mody, LoPresti

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Tom Mody song liner notesAt some point in 2014 Alan LoPresti sent me a song concept. It was a really heavy crushing rhythm piece that to me had the feel of Kiss song off from their Revenge album. He knew I was struggling to get metal tone in my studio and ws fooling around with tones. But at the end of these really heavy riffs was this melodic twist with what I would describe as some cool Def Leppard layering textures. I pulled that section from his master tracks and song around that. It's strange to be able to remember very vivid writing details of songs from the 80's and 90's but on this track I'm really drawing a blank as to writing it's structure. I simply took Al's segment and worked concepts around it trying to keep the same melodic vibe as Alan isn't often a fan of my modal change tangents. It's a track set up for potential vocals but also the verses have a nice melodic base for some airy guitar. I decided to try some finger tapping melodies and was pretty pleased with not over playing using a technique that often invites speed and craziness. I let Alan's melodic section stand on it's own in the first pass then built up a cool arpeggiated run on the second which I harmonized on the third pass and it all came together nicely. After listening to the track through any times I got a feeling of standing inside a dome with images enveloping you as you looked around and the title Dreamsphere came to me. I considered titling the album that as well but for some reason I have an aversion to using album titles for song titles.

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