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Tom Mody
Fighting 50

Hail the King
Music: Mody Lyricss: Mody

album cover art for Tom Mody's album Fighting 50
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From the lap of luxury to our wanting hand.
We lap danced with devil and never paid the band.
Sold our souls to our brother to reap his eye in the sky.
Cut the cord from our mother once we bled her dry.
Everyday we crown a new prince from our zombie state.
For kingdoms in the clouds. As our flesh decays.
Back to our savage ways.
Hail. Hail. The king is dead- Off with his head.
The queen supreme stripped his motor clean for sure.
The joker wild is the golden child once more.

In the days of discovery all the answers in hand.
Still couldn’t tell what’s real, believed it all instead.
On the way to recovery the masses do resist .
Addicted to the throne of what might not exist.
Now the mighty have fallen from their clouds like rain.
But no bodies were found, No false prophet remains.
And the masses go insane


Tom Mody song liner notesThis song was written at the same time as The People Exchange as jeff was pleading with me to write more power groove tracks. Though he loved TPE he never gravitated towards this track and that surprised me. I remember in 2013 really feeling I had captured something on drums and used this as somewhat of a template for drum sounds moving forward. I based the sound from the band Adrenaline Mob and kept a song of theirs as a reference file in the master tracking. I told Jeff at the time I could easily write this stuff and true to my word this song came together rather swiftly. One of my favorite musical sections on the whole CD is when the song comes into the lead guitar part. And it's not so much the lead guitar but the groove underneath always seems to capture my attention which is probably why the lead is more melody driven and simply structured. The Van Halen harmonic tapping was a nice touch. Lyrically the chorus just came out of nowhere and stayed in my head for a few years before I even wrote it down. I had a similar experience on a UDM song Piece of Heaven. I didn't know what the song was going to be about I just knew what the chorus words and melody were. The problem being is that Jeff passed on the song so I had no one to sing it. Fast forward to 2015 I needed to decided if I was going to do an isntrumental with it, which to me would have been a disservice, or attempt some vocals myself since I had good results with other tracks over the previous months. The lyrical content ended up being about the death of technology. I especially love the line about not paying the band as all musicians know the state of recorded music these days and how it's become a freebie for the consumer to steal. Other references to "big brother" and "the cloud" paint an interesting picture. Vocally I knew I couldn't really sing these lyrics as so much talk through them in that Dave Mustaine manner. I worked them over through the course of a couple weeks but in order for the track to pay off it needed a big power vocal and my attempt was pretty weak. However, I happen to know an expert power vocalist and Jeff did agree to save the track for me by delivering exactly what it needed. He wasn't 100% the night he recorded and I think he went home unsure as to his performance but in review of the track I did manipulate a few things in the EQ so he got the thin distorted vocals in his weaker spots to contrast the power vocals that he nailed perfectly and the mix really worked that way.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

This one was just a fun song to make a cameo appearance on. When Tom first approached me to develop and sing a chorus for the song, I happily accepted and immediately heard in my head what would be appropriate. We rehearsed a couple of different ideas with some direction from Tom and then put something down to scratch. Per the structure of how we usually do things, he shot me a copy and I digested, developed and rehearsed. Upon our next session, we added some finishing touches to TPE, discussed a few things, rehearsed HTK and then I stood in front of the mic with the cans on in the vocal room. I must confess I was tired at this point as was my voice but we hammered it out. Tom got every ounce of voice out of me he possibly could that evening and we left it at that. When I received the final cut I was pleasantly surprised and had to thank him for his trickery and hypnotic recording methods to make my parts sound better than I had thought they actually were…HTM

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