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Tom Mody
Fighting 50

Music: Mody, Zaia

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Tom Mody song liner notesMatt Zaia came to the studio one day in 2014 and said he wanted to write a Black Sabbath type track. He came up with this plodding dark bass line and we developed some drums and I actually had him record the bass with his Schecter 5 string. Then the track sat for a long time. I pretty much forgot about it but of course was digging through stuff on the hard drive and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tracks. I had also just finished my collaboration with Ian McWeeney on Scorpion Moon and that song comes in so abruptly that using this track as a seque seemed a perfect place. I think you can imagine being exiled in space on a dark planet and the foreboding of doom that awaits on the Scorpion Moon. This was actually suppose to be not the segue but the intro to the song but for potential sound track and licensing purposes I decided to make this a separate track. It was pretty easy to create the atmosphere since the recordings were so good to begin with. You just simply spend time finding sounds and applying them and see how it makes you feel. If you feel scared you got the right sounds.


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