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cover art for Tom Mody's album Word Tom Mody
Resonant Aggressor
released 2014
Raining Robots
As Atlantis Lay Dying
Death of Ego
Concussion Syndrome
Winter's March
Dark Cocoon
Arachno Planet

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In 2011 I fostered a friendship with a long time aquaintence Matt Zaia who was a musician I was aware of dating back to the late 80's. Matt turned me on to some great bands I had missed the boat on, namely Nevermore and Opeth. We would sit in the studio and Matt would feed me some bass lines and I'd craft some tracks in an organic manner. He'd then listen to the arrangements and give some thoughts to the finished product but it was very expiremental. I tried to get Jeff on board for vocals but he didn't gravitate to much of it though he did work with a couple tracks. But his time was limited and all the music from the 2011 to 2012 time frame was put on a back burner along with some other contributions I had worked on with area musicians. In 2013 Jeff and I began working with Alan LoPresti for the I Storm writing and Al was also helping me improve my production quality in my studio. I had also begun writing some strictly instrumental guitar tracks and had a few of those laying around as well

Once I became comfortable with an acceptable production quality in my studio I wanted to get many of these tracks off my to-do list and in some form of package so I played lead work over many of the expiramental songs we had set aside for vocals and made a collection along with my instrumentals and Jeff's vocal tracked songs that represent that time period. I did the best I could with mastering tracks that were a few years old, I re-recorded a few things but it all needed to sound wthin the same time period of production so I didn't completely strip things back.

So Resonant Agressor is a solo album of sorts, kind of like my album Word in 1995 which was also a collection of demos meant for vocals. Maybe I just didn't want to waste the artwork I had created for the cover. I think the CD jacket came out pretty cool but it's useless without music to put into it.


Tom Mody

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