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Raining Robots
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Tom Mody song liner notesThis was musically the last track I recorded. I had intentions of it being a vocal track so it's somewhat structured for it. The original rhythem tracks were used with fully tuned down guitars. When I came back to this track a couple years later to play solo melodies where the vocals would be I decided to try and re-record with a low end home-made 7 string I had purchased and blended in with the old tracks I got a better than expected sound. The lead work in the mid section was original to the songs inception as was the background melody in what was suppose to be the chorus. All verse lead work was the last lead work I recorded and I can't say I put a lot of thought into it. It just needed to be a little wild to tie in with many of the other melodies on the album so it "print it and run with it... done!" The intro had a robotic stomp to it and it felt like it was pouring down you so that was the imagry for the title. Once I had the title the very last thing I added was the effect after the intro which is suppose to be an industrial raining effect. I've gotta say this track more than all the other gets me pumped and feeling aggressive.

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