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As Atlantis Lay Dying
Music: Mody

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Tom Mody song liner notesI'm not a guy that stockpiles riffs but the opening riff was one of 3 I had been saving for about 4 years in a drop A tuning. Why drop A? I don't know really, I was just messing around and having the bottom end strings in octaves sparked some cool ideas. It's hard to keep the intonation. This track along with Dark Cocoon were always intended to be instrumentals and I intended to write a full album instrumentals but I'll have to admit, I really don't have a lot to say playing lerads all over the place. I love creating the textures of the basic tracks but this type of music does require a continuos stream or ripping and wild solos which became evident early on I didn't have the attention to detail and of course, the practice time. The saving grace was that I'd likely never play them again so if I ripped a really good blast of something it was somewhat spontaneous or at least not worked out to the finest detail. I always had an issue with my feel in the melody linesso I re-recorded them a number of times over a year and finally pulled out the whammy bar and with slight bends I was able to achieve a feel I was comfortable with. This track was always one that just recorded well and was mastered fairly easily where as the other tracks required much dilligence and outside assistance from Alan LoPresti who I sought out to assist me in all things recording. Since then he's become a great mentor and harsh critic but I appreciate the honesty that flows both ways. Probably the most "ripping" solo on the whole track was the distorted bass. Titles for instrumentals are interesting conceptions because unlike vocal tracks it's usually after it's done you sit around and try to draw up imagry. I kept hearing something dramatic about the lost island of Atlantis and I also kept visualizing modern video game commercials that utilize the slow motion action. So my head created the story of Atlantis dying and sinking into the ocean due to humans rising up against their alien captors with Atlantis actually being a space ship. Maybe the voice-over is cheesy but it came out sounding the way I heardit in my head so when that happens you go with it and everything else be damned.

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