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Tom Mody
Resonant Aggressor

Death of Ego
Music: Mody/Zaia, Lyrics: Zaia, Vocals Harris

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Individual existence is an illusion, we are unaware of our minds.
Unconscious of our true nature, is being human being alive.
It is not the one it is the many, truth shall bind the thought collective.
As water crests to the levy bringing peace to the objective.
The principal reality is unknown, the symbolic death of night.
We search for the dissolving of ego, to gain ascendency in the light.
We will find... The death of ego.

We are the many, the one is I
Feeling the spirit surround our minds.
Acceptance will not be denied, believing as we do in our hearts we'll find.
The universe is not I, merely we, searching for the lines that remind us.
Tearing at the soul we wish to be remembering the heart in guidance.
The principal reality is unknown, symbolic death of night.
We search for the dissolving of ego, to gain ascendency in the light.
We will find... The death of ego.

Tom Mody song liner notesI don't recall what came first, the music or the lyrics. My guess is that Matt Zaia and I sat in my studio with him feeding me some bass lines and I probably worked out the intro. Matt then randomly sent me some lyrics and I then built the rest of the song. This goes back to some of our earliest writing sessions in the summer of 2011. We had one song before this that was very progressive in structure but just not heavy enough for this compilation. I was really trying to think like a band that Matt got me hooked on called Opeth who liked to mess with things and take metal into some very prog places. They didn't seem to have any rules and I wanted to write like that and challenge my arrangements. I wanted to call the new UDM album MoZaic using Matt and my last names and felt the music was a patchwork of ideas and riffs but jeff felt very disconnected from it. I thought Matt's lyrics were really stong though and pretty sincerely asked Jeff to try and work with it. We tried some death-metal vocals in places but it was really not comfortable for either of us and there are semblences in the song of those attempts. But overall I thought we created some different vocal approaches for the various sections of the song and of course, the big layered chorus. This was probably the most mixed song on the album. I don't know how many times I re-recorded guitar tracks and adjusted mastering settings. T-Racks CS came out with some new presets that seemed to get me in the ball park but it was Alan LoPresti's personal preset which I was able to tweak and use for all the tracks on the CD. This is also the only song with mic'd guutars in the mix which I did during the testing of some different mics towards the completion of the album. The song actually had much heavier phrasing in sections and the chorus chordings were a bit more comlex but it really all needed to be stripped down for Jeff's vocals to cut through. These were last second decisions that made a huge difference in the feel of the track. What also stands out to me is the song arrangement. Most of this album has the long extended break section where as this track seems to take that section to the front of the song leaving the vocal arrangement with just a 2 chorus format. It also lends itself well to the video I created for the track. For my birthday Matt had bought me a one-off drawing from local artist Derek Lindow. Derek eventually moved away from sketch drawings and started making this colorful textured art with very cosmic beings obtaining a higher conscience. It fit perfectly with Matt's lyrics and the song structure fit perfectly with creating an introduction to the "players" before the presentation of Derek's art. It really is uncanny how Matt's lyrics fit to Derek's visuals. Gotta love it when the cosmos aligns for you.

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