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Tom Mody
Resonant Aggressor

Concussion Syndrome
Music: Mody/Zaia

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Tom Mody song liner notesMatt Zaia fed me the bass lines I used for the opening riff. I remember him saying he wanted to write a driving rock track... but I mucked that up on him. My concept for the song with vocals was to write a heavy track as Matt wanted but then have 2 acoustic chorus' with a mellow-ish lead section squashed in between, then come back into the heavy verses and outro the song. Jeff was not inspired by the change of pace so vocals were not going to happen on this track. The mid acoustic section was put together the same way as the mid section of Madnezz, I pulled drum patterns almost at random then tried to make musical flow where chaos existed. I think I succeeded both times, some would disagree. But I enjoy that challenge in the Frankenstein arrangements regardless. Another off component of this track is the slamming accents. Normally it's attempted as a 4 count, not 16 crushing hits. My favorite part of the track is the slamming end accents extended with the mellow acoustic guitar overlays. I didn't think it would work but to my taste it's really cool. So like all the other tracks this song sat on the hard drive for couple years. Finally knowing vocals were not going on the track I needed a melody lead strategy. About 90% of my tracks are recorded with my Gibson V and active pickups. But I had Al LoPrersti wire me a passive Seymour Dunkin pickup in my rarely used Fender Squire. With new strings it created a metallic pluck to the attack of my picking which has since altered and newley shaped some of my lead approach and this was the first song that came into play. In naming the track it was audibly clear it was concussive but the mid section takes you away from that. So the song reminds me of being repeatedly concussed then going off into La-La Land only to be slapped back to concussive consciousness. Which is what a well-roundedt metal track should do to you.

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