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Tom Mody
Resonant Aggressor

Winter's March
Music: Mody/Zaia

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Tom Mody song liner notesAgain, Matt fed me a cool descending bass riff that intro's the song. I don't remember much in the writing process of this track as it was a last second decision to add this to the album a few years later. I wasn't sure the original tracks I recorded, with vocal intentions, were good enough quality to fit with the other mastered tracks. I was set on an 8 song CD but I wanted Alan LoPresti to play on the album in some capacity so I tried to reintroduce this to him as I wanted some melody/lead playing over the mellow sections. But as I suspected he couldn't find a groove in my rather conflicting arrangement that worked for him. These ended up being the last parts I recorded for the album which I described to him as Arabian Blues. I don't think he bought into my assessment by simply stating "If you're happy Tom, that's all that matters." I do regret not finding a more appropriate place on the album for him to contribute as he's been a great mentor the past few years. The drumming is pretty simplistic, I may have had the intention of waiting for vocal ideas before going back and spicing them up but when I thought about doing that as I got this ready for this album I kept getting this marching or descending visual, like winter coming and there's nothing you can do about it and the steadyness and inevitability of it is reinforced in keeping the drums pounding. I'm not sure why I put the cello sections in the track, I'm glad I did, I just don't know the genesis of the idea. These breaks and start/stopping arrangements are what kind of turned Jeff away from wanting to lyrically work with many of these songs but it's not really too far removed from the progressive writings dating back in our 30 year partnership. There's no doubt it's more pronounced in redirecting the flow of the tracks and his mindset was just more into power vocals in a tighter pocket. I'm glad to have created a forum for these tracks as I hate having interesting ideas dormant on my hard drive.

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