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Dark Cocoon
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Tom Mody song liner notesThis track along with As Atlantis Lay Dying were the only songs with the full intention of being instrumentals. My idea was for this to open an instrumental album which is why I have such a long forboding intro. But in hindsight it asks a lot of the listener to sit through 90 seconds of indulgence and atmosphere to finally figure out what the sound of the album will be which is why Raining Robots was a better choice to start the album. To my ears I did nail the intro perfectly- the piano is dark, the distant bass and guitar coloring the mood and atmosphere building a sense of drama exploding into heavy riffs and melody. Over the few years this song sat around I did re-rerecord much of the rhythm tracks, both guitar and bass, and re-structured the mid section. Atlantis and this track are very similar in song structure and also share much of my melody harmonizing strategy which is to chnage up the harmony lines, particularly at the closing of the track which when finding the right blend gives the melody a sense of completion. Of course, the fade out is just ramble and strictly off-the-cuff. The song created an image of the dormancy and dark calm of a cocoon and the rest of the track is I gues what you could call a butterfly adventure.

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