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Tom Mody :::.::::..:..:.:.
Tom Mody
Resonant Aggressor

Music: Mody/Zaia, Lyrics & Vocals: Harris

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Walk with me, I'll guide you through mazes. Talk with me, I'll bend your mind with riddles.
Are you wit me? Is your mind prepared for twisting and turning?
Shhhh, your brain is now learning out of control like a mindless blackhole.
Wake up, you're not sleeping. Are you aware that you're unaware.

Shut your mouth you're not talking. Keep up, you're sleep walking.
Hands stretched forward like Scooby-do monster. I'm afraid you're never coming back.

Haunting, you're the hunter hunted. You're so haunted. Wicked.
Like witches of Salem there's no reason, there's only madnezz. What.
What the hell are you speaking in tongues? The truth shall set you. Freak.
You are weak. Look for the answers in the book of flies.

Shut up. You're not talking. Keep it up. Start walking.
You're a mess. You're a monster. Be afraid 'cause you're never coming back.

Shut up. You're not talking. Keep it up. Start walking.
Hands stretched forward like Scooby-do monster. I'm afraid you're never coming back.

Tom Mody song liner notesMatt Zaia was the king of intro bass riffs on the album starting with his criss-crossing pattern that was integral to the structure of the track. The rest of the contributions are a blurr. This was the one song Jeff felt like he could grasp as took the plunge in creating a lyric for it. I'm sure he felt like all these songs were mandess but I am thankful for his contribution to this track as his lyrics and vocal approach have his unmistakeable signatures. Lyrically this is Jeff at his best utilizing word play and intertweaving verbage. Vocally he becomes not himself but the song. To me his vocal and lyrical approach are very much with the same mindset as my writing during this period so I can't say I'm all too sure why he didn't gravitate to the challenge of vocalizing many of these songs. His brain certainly has shown to go outside the box on many occassions over the years but I guess he is also much more aware of outside perceptions when music gets too diluted and indulgent. And this track certainly meets those descriptions. Like Concussion Syndrome, the mid section was just me piling on random drum patterns then being forced to make musical sense out of them. I like the unexpected outcome. Many great writers hear music in their head and go create that. It's a special talent to do that and it generally creates a very appealing and melodically correct track. I have written some very appealing tracks myself in somewhat that fashion but I get prefer to get riff inspiration form just writing drums and matching a riff groove. Or in this case taking nonsensical rhythems and being completely surprised at the final outcome. The when I create the guitar solo for it I have many interesting possibilities for phrasing and this mid section really captures that approach. Once the bass was recorded it stayed the same over the few years it sat around but I changed the guitar a lot. In fact, most of the guitar parts Jeff vocalized to are not there anymore. There were just too many conflicts in the mix and I simplified much to bring his vocals out. The left/right panning in particular was just messing things up. To me it's still a track that has some vocal and guitar spots that might benefit from a bit more polish but it's unique and bass driven and a great progressive ride with original ideas.

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