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Tom Mody song liner notesIan McWeeney played guitar in bassist Matt Zaia's band One Will Fall and I became musical friends with Ian and he eventually rented an apartment from me. On facebook he posted the core of this track as a general call for anyone interested in helping him complete the song. I decided to take him up on that. Ian likes very mathematically challenging drum kick signatures and time counts. In order for me to work with this track I had to replicate his drumming which should have been as simple as importinga midi file but for some reason I could not do that. So I had to reprogram which was not fun given his mathematical chaos. Once I completed his arrangement which was most of the first thirdof the song I then had him come over and play his guitar parts making him the only instrumentalist other than myself on the album. From there I moved some things around and then created my own chaotic mid section then re-introduced his concepts on the back end. At a later time one thing I did change was to add a few more snare hits in the intro and redo a short lead take. Had I known at the time I would include this track on this compilation I probably would have been a little cleaner and diligent in the recording process but I was still searching for some of the recording settings I now use.

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