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Tom Mody song liner notesBrian Berg was also a guitarist in bassist Matt Zaia's band One Will Fall and he came to the studio with Matt a number of evenings in the fall of 2011. Brian was a guy who stock-piled riffs and the opening riff to this track was his. Just a simple tuned down nasty barrage of notes. Brian also had some input into the arrangement of the track leading up to the mellow section. But maybe his biggest contribution was making that section mellow. As I stated in a previous liner note section, I don't really stockpile riffs but the structure of the mellow section I'd been waiting to use for a few years. Itwas a drop-D tuning but for this track I had to tune down everything. It was an edgy piece that Brian suggested should be clean and it's a great choice. Then Matt came up with the contrasting bass line. From there I of coursetotally messed with the mid section adding dramatic piano and percussive accents. Why? Because that's what I do when left to my own devices. The original version of the track was over 8 minutes and was to be an epic final track. I don't know at what point the visuals of the graden of eden came in but the track to me seemed to fit with the account of Genesis. Thedramatic creation of earth and man in 8 days followed by calm and bliss only to have evil dramatically introduced into life and then the sad and accepting consequences. I started to write lyrics for it but had I made Jefftry and sing on this it would have been likely a hokey mistake. Like all the other songs it sat until I decided to include it in this compilation. As I stated, it was a long song and I edited about 2minutes of unnecessary heavy guitar from the track. If the music didn't tell the full story I added the snake hiss and the "kill it" line to essentially in 2 words narrate the entire 6+ minutes. I tried to add a section for a lead guitar trade-off with Alan LoPresti but it just was completely unnecessary. This track worked to the theme without mucking it up with shredding or even melodic lead guitar. As an overall mix I can certyainly hear it's not as sonically clear as I would have liked and might have been able to improve things with a re-recording, particularly the bass tracks. But I do believe in music that is of more a personal diary to keep the sonic integrity of the time of it's creation which was well in line with the other tracks. It ends abruptly and I need to move on.. move forward.

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