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cover art for Tom Mody's album Word Tom Mody
released 1995

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By the end of 1994 Archivon was disbanded and I had of lot of time to write. I had just purchased my trusty Boss DR-5 drum machine and was floored with the sounds of not only the drums but bass, keys and synth sounds. I didn't own a bass so this was just awsome to work with. I owned the Tascam cassette 8-Track we used to record both Archivon sessions and just spent a lot of time in my bedroom writing and recording.

The plan was to at some point to have Jeff come over and record vocals for all this stuff. I don't recall if things were a bit tense between us as I don't know why we didn't work on this together but maybe I wanted to leave the option open to meet with other singers or musicians. I had alot of decisions to make in my life at that point and life for him had turned upside down. Jeff actually worked on one song and I really didn't like it. I think it might have been Float. Last On Earth and Place In Time were also written during this period. Jeff hated what became Place In Time but he did write his vocals for Last On Earth which were perfect. There's much I don't remember about the whole time frame. I don't know how long I spent writing and recording or exactly what part of 1995 I did it. After it was done I just let it be really. Jeff had moved on to the cover band that eventually became End on reality. I believe I was asked to join but wanted nothing to do with it at first but when Todd Hensley left them I was convinced to join them in December of 1995.

One song made it to the EOR album "Check" but for the most part the tapes were just put away until 2002 when I was converting our old material from tape to CD. I dug these out and was surprised how well (as demo's) they sounded and decided to put the collection together. I also included a song from 1997 as well.

None of the songs had titles so I listened to each one and tried to interpret what feeling or vision came to my head. I titled the entire collection "Word". First because there are no vocals and second because I choose one word descriptions for each song title. The cover art was done pretty quick. I found the blue mouths in some clip art and figured it worked with or against the title. I still didn't have Photoshop so I made the best use of the software available to me. The cover photo of me with my trusty Gibson Flying V is from an Achivon rehearsal in 1994.

I did nothing to change the songs from their original mixes. All the songs were intended for vocals. I gues it's strange to package an instrumental album with every song having verse and chorus sections for vocals but I've always contended that the neo-classical faze of 80's guitar instrumental albums lacked anything of musical interest behind all the bee-buzzin' lead work. As much as I bow down to the great metal vocalists I could listen to Priest, Maiden or Queensryche without the singing and I'd like to think this album supports that. I love the Scorpions but you couldn't do that with much of their 80's four-chord stuff. That definately needed vocals. I worked hard making things interesting in all sections of a song back then. I think the first song Arrive is the worst example of that but the rest of the CD I think can hold your interest in every area of the song. Sure I was tempted to dub lead work over every song but what's the point. Maybe the listener can make up his own melodies to sing with and the album could be interpreted differently and personal for anyone.


Tom Mody

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