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Jeffrey Harris and Tom Mody 2011 >::..:.::..:::
United Dictators of Mars
Alternate Dimension

Music: Mody, Words: Mody

United Dictators of Mars - Questions for God
..::.::| LYRICS |.::...:.

She fell to me at dawn as the satins laced the floor.
She fell to me as the winds of change caressed my bedroom door.
She fell to me in the cold as I lit the morning flame.
She fell to me in silence so I still didn't know her name.

She fell to me completely as the dogs roamed in new light.
She fell to me as my enemy surrendering the fight.
She fell to me on knees that had never scratched the grain.
She fell to me with penance and blame.

Annia "the priceless one" "princess of thieves" "wandering the night" "queen estranged"
Across the sea of guilt to my isle of no return.
Annia "soul of redemption" "the priceless one"
Daughter of the night now woman of the light.

She fell to me and promised our night wouldn't be in vein.
She fell to me the martyr poisoned in refrain
She fell to me in her last breath whispering her name


::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

Tom Mody song liner notesThe music was written midway in the project but was the last song recorded vocally by Jeff. I had intended him to write lyrics for it but he didn't take much of an interest in the song. It was written to be the first song on the album but for a long time I wasn't sure it would make the cut because of his disinterest and because I didn't think it had enough fullness in the opening segments. The musical concept was to write a piece of intro music called Ion... as in an Ion storm. Because I felt that writing this acoustic album was like us being in an alternate universe I thought Ion would be a very short, extremely powerful album opening segment like The Hellion from Judas Priest's Screaming for Vengance album. It would have this guitar melody over the top of the heavy music and the heavy music would fade out but the guitar line melody would fade into acoustic like we passed through an Ion Storm and went into an alternate universe as on Star Trek. That was the plan anyway but I eventually decided against it because I just felt it would give some listeners the wrong impression of the album as a whole or dissapoint others that were expecting a full metal album. I still used the fade in guiatr melody line to lead off the album but just didn't think there was enough fullness in the chords. I tried numerous things to beef it up, more guitar, synth low end, other keyboard ideas but nothing worked- it just became muddy. So I wasn't sure what to do with it and figured maybe something would come to me when we got around to doing vocals. Since Jeff didn't take to the song I wrote lyrics. It was just one of those shower moments as the water is hitting you and thoughts come flooding in, and that line kept repeating over in my head "she fell to me". Why was she falling to me... I didn't know. So I worked out this story about a princess who travels to her father's enemy and gives herself up to him for a night as a way of creating a bridge to peace. Well her father's enemy quickly falls in love with this girl but she knows she's exiled and poisons herself the next morning hoping her gesture of love is enough to change the course of the ruler's hatred. I had never named a song after a girl so I searched the internet for a name and meanings that can tell the story. My daughter's name is Antonia so Annia was pretty close and it meant "priceless one" which worked in the meaning of the song. Jeff gave the melody a little middle eastern twist here and there per my heritage and upon it's completion the album was done. Though starting off the album was not his favorite choice. I then took a piece of my original plan and thought maybe I could beef the intro up by adding only drums as a fade out segue into the song, again going back to my Ion storm idea. Again it just didn't work to my ears so I beefed up some of the guitar backings with some drop-D strumming and it did help. As an opening song you want to be sure about it and I can't say I fully am but I'm sticking to my original plan and hangin' with it.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notesFinally, as the last song to record in the acoustic series, there was daylight. Ironically, the first song the listener might review (given today’s technology, it is not necessarily a given) was the last song which we recorded. Not one of my favorite songs on the CD with regard to inspirational reach out and grab you writing but as usually is the case in this type of song (9 times out of 10), there was a hook that caught my attention. That hook in this particular case was the chorus. I am very partial to what I interpret as a Mediterranean melody and this chorus struck me as just that. Seeing how Tom’s main character of the song was based on what I understand to be Persian or Mediterranean, it felt right to have this kind of feel in the chorus although I had to convince Tom of this…at least I think I did. But as always and more-so as time creeps up on me, I try to grasp Tom’s concepts and translate what he is trying to capture with my melody and phrasing. I’m hopeful that Tom is pleased with the end result. Having to re-record the verses after being pleased with them was a bit disappointing but we survived it and quite honestly, we may have inadvertently ended up with better results.


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