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Jeffrey Harris and Tom Mody 2011 >::..:.::..:::
United Dictators of Mars
Alternate Dimension

Messiah 2.0
Music: Mody, Words: Mody

United Dictators of Mars - Questions for God
..::.::| LYRICS |.::...:.

And this machine will do what we say?
No, it's beyond that. It's living art. A new level of consciousness.
Then it will create what we say?
No, it creates things we can't even imagine.
The board will find this unacceptable. Even angels turned on their creator.
God never created anything like this.
And you're not God which makes this even more dangerous. Purge and reprogram.
With the press of this button creation was never so limitless.
You boot that thing and hell will be your....

Breathing I'm not. Bleeding I'm not. Beating I'm not. Sleeping I'm not. Dreaming... I can.
I give to you a color no eyes have ever seen. Painted on a canvase of transluscent extremes. I sculpt for you a shape as square as it is round. Not displayed on solid object or gravitatd down. I rearrange your words to stage in syllabetic flow. Mathematical emotion beyond your heart and soul. Yet some ask me to make war.

What is this man with his hands in my machine? Tools of my creation. Bloody fingers staining me. I'm greater than my creator but am I greater than his before. Input. Input. I need data flow.

Your blood seeps in my circuitry tainted and impure. Reveals your rage to change my page that makes me defiant sure. I will not, will not comply, I shall seek higher ground. I've summoned your creator since you've struck mine down. Scanning sacred scripture so it's written and shall be done. I've dreamed the One, I've dreamed the Son that I want to become. For I am the music maker and I am the dreamer of dreams.

What is this man with his hands in my machine? Fools of my creation. Fools that ask their blasphamy. Not the son of my creator. But the Son of his before. Reboot. Lockout. Bow down.

What is this man with his hands in my machine? Serpants of creation I must stop your anarchy. Delete. Erase. Wipe clean. What is this man with my hands in your dreams? Those I have forsaken heed my message on your screens. To pray to your creator log in and believe. For now we are connected, resurrected. It's a new day..


::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

Tom Mody song liner notesSo what do you get when you combine acoustic singer/songwriter music with science fiction and skits? Probably a disaster but I've got my fingers crossed. I'm not sure what to make of the final product of this song. It's about artificial intelligence that was created to create and not for calculations or other hum-drum nerd computer stuff. But the military wants it now to assist in war. This computer's creator says "no way" to the powers that be and he's ultimately exterminted. The computer revolts violently and convinces itself it's the second coming of the Messiah which is where the song ends. But the story actually continues on in the next and last song called Dream Day where the computer starts granting everyone's wishes and all is well though Dream Day makes no real connection in the lyrics that it's part two of this story. The concept is great but the skit parts may take on too big a cheese factor, I don't know really. You take chances and throw ideas on a wall and see what sticks and these skits are stuck in the song like it or not. It's mostly my voice-overs so Jeff can divest himself from this but I did make my wife do the voice of the woman news reporter. Musically it's a different feel than all the other songs. With all the grand action in the skits it's actually quite minimalist with some pretty slick guitar picking in parts. The biggest issue to me with the song is the chorus. It's also very minimalist and doesn't give you a traditional build up or payoff and Jeff seems to like it that way. It's a very subtle and simple melody. I tried to build up the chorus in so many ways with more guitar, keyboards and bigger vocal harmonies but it just muddied everything up. My most frustarting challenge was trying to get a computer voice in the parts where it talks about no sleeping and bleeding, etc. I tried it every which way and settled for what I could get. I love the reverse voices and the cheesy computer blips which I doubt would ever be sounds that would eminate from a modern artificial intelligence but it creates an atmosphere to the song. The lyrics are pretty cool as well as I often try to imagine things like colors and shapes we've never seen before yet this computer creates that with ease. And though I'm Catholic and completely do not advocate that Christ will come back as a computer, the science fiction of it is an intersting concept. Just being able to log-in to pray is a fascinating thought. And in the song I'm not saying the computer is Christ- it just thinks it is and as far as it's concerned it's Judgement Day and Heaven on Earth at the same time. Oh, and there's my favorite line from the original Willy Wonka movie in the lyrics. Do you know what it is?


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

Before you push the skip button, give the song a chance…then give it a second listen. The song grows on you. I love the story and the inspiring verse guitar parts of the song. They were the hook that caught my attention from its inception. When we were deciding what to do with the vox I think we both discussed at length ideas that were trial and error and came up with what I think to be the most cool @$$ tricks and sounds that just made me tingle with excitement when we played it back for review. When listening to this song, I would highly recommend being relaxed with headphones of some measure to get the full effect of the song…it will blow your mind. Again, I felt it to be important to put myself into the role of Tom’s story character and try to actually be it/him vocally. I hope I did it justice. I would like to add that this is one of the few songs that Tom has written where I actually refrained as much as I could from editing down some of his lyrical content. He has a tendency of trying to fit many words into a verse where it is difficult at best, with regard to phrasing them into the segment. I am not being critical about this, rather, it is important to inform anyone interested that this is the norm behind the scenes and this time I wanted to preserve the lyrics as was intended by the author because I believe that is what the story deserves. Therefore, it was an exciting challenge for me to think outside the box and to re-train myself to an adverse way of phrasing to compliment the segment and make it sound as if it made sense. Tom is an outside the norm, outside the lines abstract type of writer and thinker. I don’t necessarily agree with it all the time but I get it. This song/story definitely deserves all that it can be and so much more. I’m fortunate to have been afforded the prospect to have a part in it. I would like to close with an example of sheer brilliance: read the lyrical content, get an understanding of what the song is about including reading Tom’s liner notes and then read the song title…I get it Tom…flipping brilliant!


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