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Jeffrey Harris and Tom Mody 2011 >::..:.::..:::
United Dictators of Mars
Alternate Dimension

Dream Day
Music: Mody, Words: Mody

United Dictators of Mars - Questions for God
..::.::| LYRICS |.::...:.

You found that which was left behind. You've paid back all your borrowed time.
The gifts you gave have been returned. Your pennies saved now fortunes earned.
The clocks have stopped so seize the day. But take your time and have your say.
There is no love you can't express. There is no power you don't possess.
So daddy's little girl stayed young. And there was more for everyone

When your stars collide and every thing's renewed inside.
A new universe has come alive. You're living in your dream day.
It's brighter than a thousand suns. But precious to just the one.
Who dreamed that this could someday come. I give to you. I give to you. A gift to you.
Your Dream Day.

The songs you whispered can now be sung. Your steps once lame now danced in sun.
Few words you speak can say it all. New worlds you seek will never fall.
The nights are long so enjoy the rest. The meaning of dreams don't second guess.
No need to ask why you've received. No need to question what you believe.
So Mommy's little boy got his smile. And there was more than just a little while.

The tears you've cried no drop a wast. They flowed a path to a better place.
The ties that bind have been undone. Except the ones you've tied with love.
So walk forward into your past and grab the things you meant to last.
These chances come but once a dream. One chance to redeem


::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

Tom Mody song liner notesI don't know how to write lyrics better than this, I'll just say that right up front without hesitation. Dream Day though it's own entity is a continuation of the previous song Messiah 2.0 which was about an artificial intelligence wanting to become the Messiah. And though Dream Day makes no reference to this computer of grandure, it really is about the computer just granting prayers and making dreams come true. It works fine as it's own story as well about just having that one day where your dreams do happen and how it can completely renew your life and to appreciate the second chances we get... and maybe who gave us those second chances. I wanted a big finale kind of song. Not an epic, just dramatic and building... and I wanted piano. The opening musical piece to the song had been around a while and actually was somewhat the inspiration for the title of the song- it felt dreamy. Like the song Towers the chord progressions just flowed nicely until the end of the second chorus where I needed to create another level to the song. I don't really recall how much work I put into creating that next level. I know it was a one time thing and that I probably recorded it in a stream of consciousness without any thought to having to ever play it again once I got it down. I think it's a very intersting extension to the song and adds a flowing drama and build. Also like the song Towers I didn't do an end chorus and it wasn't because of the length of song factor, I just thought the manner in which I extended the verse music kind of brought you out of the dream state nicely and anything else was unnecessary. After the guitar music Jeff layed down the vocals and he did a nice job adding his interpretation to what I was hoping to achieve with the song. Though I have to say the vocals didn't record as clean as I'd like. They're a little thin and this just happens some times and I'm not a good enough sound engineer to know why. The mic placement or other setting and environments are different and they just effect the sound quality. Unfortunately we have very short windows to do these recordings and going back and redoing stuff doesn't guarantee it will record better and it's good enough I guess but I can tell. So this song sat around about a year before I was able to decide what to do with the extended mid section. I wanted piano but I didn't want to play it so I asked a friend of mine to ask his teenage son who is an incredible classical pianist if he'd like to work with it. Unfortunately he declined- I think mostly because he'd never been asked to do something like that before and was nervous. So I set out to write and record piano. I'm embarassed to say at the time I still had not realized I had piano sounds proprietary in my recording software so I used the piano sounds and sound pads on my drum machine. I recorded piano all throughout the song and was proud of my grand accomplishment. Jeff hated it, really hated it. So I went about re-recording and editing down the amount of piano on it and he still hated it. So I went back a third time and re-recorded and edited down and realized he was right. I had way too much on there. But he still hates the piano on the song but my third attempt to my ear is exactly what I was trying to achieve so it's on there. I think part of Jeff's objection is that the piano sound is too synthetic... or cheap. Maybe, but I'm really pleased with it. I set out to create this flowing and building piano piece and I think I accomplished that and where I edited down a lot of the piano in the verses I think it subtly adds a dimension and accents the song nicely. But because it's a very unstructured piece of music I'm not surprised that some people may find it a mess. The final edit I made to the song was to to a add a "follow" lead guitar over the middle piano section which seemed to give it more purpose than just some off-the-cuff arrangement. To me Dream Day came out as I had envisioned and is the feel good dramatic end to this diversion of an acoustic album. Now where's my amp?


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

Really? In the next chapter the android is proven to be a false prophet when it attempts to walk on water and then short circuits (droids and water not good…trust) That’s all I have to say about DD…it’s better that way.

Tom's Rebuttle: Wow, told you he hated it!


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