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Jeffrey Harris and Tom Mody 2011 >::..:.::..:::
United Dictators of Mars
Alternate Dimension

No Shadow
Music: Hensley/Mody, Words: Mody

United Dictators of Mars - Questions for God
..::.::| LYRICS |.::...:.

Time and place and space rearranged, I'm existing out of phase. People look and speak to me unaware of my imagery. Atoms floating yet contained in form, illusions that I'm whole and warm. Magnetic fields binding me, born without a symmetry. I can read one's beauty from silhouettes passing bye. A skill I've learned in jealousy with love's unrealized.

No one knows I've lived a thousand years. No one notices I cast no shadow. That just goes to show we judge a book by it's own cover. Never listening to the words, never seeing what's in the man.

Unexplained phenomenon or alternate dimensions, only walls seem to detect my biological infractions, Once you've lived a thousand years anonymous to spare their fears. You come to find that man can be oblivious to others needs. Even my loneliness surpasses physical law. I must be emanating subliminal withdrawal.

The excerpts from this diary one hundred years ago, were written in ageless poetry and sung with haunting melody. These last lines were written before he faded and died. And as I read them profoundly, one soul for him did cry. "Some people reach for the light, but not I... for it passes right through me. Light only let's us see, and it's bound to make us blind."


::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

Tom Mody song liner notesThe heavy version of this song was recorded on Harbinger's "The Inevitable" album back in 1991 with my lyrics and music arangement of Harbinger Guitarist's Todd Hensley's musical pieces. Clearly one of my all time favorite lyrical pieces about a man who casts no shadow and suffers a loneliness because of his "biological infraction". Early plans are in the works to write a novel of this story as of this writing. I had it in my mind to write an acoustic or mellower version of this song at some point so obviously the UDM acoustic album was that opportunity. In the heavy version there's a harmony guitar melody that creates immediate interest in the song. I kind of flipped things around a bit and made the sadness of the opening picked chords what catches your emotions with the old guitar melody now an underlying synth. It's a very minimalistic approach to the re-write of the music but still hold it's haunting lonliness. Jeff didn't deviate too much from his classic melody and delivers another great vocal performance. One of the real twists of the song is the long outro piece telling his story from his dairy after he's died. It was always an interesting piece of music because it's so repeatative for so long yet it's very entrancing so it holds you through Jeff's extended storytelling. Todd wrote and played this part live on electric guitar. I at times would play the piece when he wasn't at practice and it's just too disciplined a piece for me to be comfortable with. But at least I had the resonance and sustain of the electric guitar to help make it flow. On acoustic it's nearly impossible to play without it being sloppy, choppy and without string squeaking from the sliding movement of the chordings. But this piece needed to be in this version. I considered doing it on keyboards but in the end I just decided to cheat. I recorded the first pattern measure 3 notes at a time over 7 tracks then mixed it as one track and then copy and pasted each measure until it finished out the song. I had recorded this early on in the writing and over the next few years I was a little more proficient with the acoustic guitar and did learn to play it cleaner all the way through but never close to the cheating version. Anyway- this song came out great... lightning struck twice for this song.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notesThis song is by far one of my favorites as it was originally recorded. So when I arrived to recording session one evening while we were still putting the process together and Tom surprised me with what he had for acoustical riff for NS, I was extremely excited and motivationally inspired. From its original inception, truly one of the greatest lyrical masterpieces that Tom has ever written as a whole, add the dimension of he and Todd Hensley’s combined musical contributions and the chemistry was perfect for the end result in what probably should have been a platinum hit as far as I am concerned. As it was back in the day, it was an exciting challenge to incorporate a new vocal schematic to the freshly revamped music. In a nutshell, Tom nailed it! In doing so, it just made my task that much more exciting and smooth. I am looking forward to Tom’s novel as I’m sure it will be a mind bending, twisting and turning journey. Tom has a knack for obscure non mainstream creativity and he does it well which in the past, (80’s & 90’s era) I really didn’t get it as well as I do in my later years but we always managed to make it work nonetheless. I really do envy him for his uncanny ability to be a writer ahead of his time and to be able to create a story with a vision that most cannot relate to without explanation by both reading and narration. No Shadow is one of those lyrical pieces that I have appreciated more with time like one would with wine and cheese. Thank you Tom for bringing this back into the fold for some of us to appreciate again and some of us to experience for the first time in a new light.

Tom's Rebuttle: ahead of my time? I always wondered why I wasn't rich now.


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