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Jeffrey Harris and Tom Mody 2011 >::..:.::..:::
United Dictators of Mars
Alternate Dimension

Music: Mody, Words: Mody

United Dictators of Mars - Questions for God
..::.::| LYRICS |.::...:.

It's Tuesday Morning and my wife is screaming. It strikes me odd as I've done nothing wrong.
Not too far away a flood of questions for God fall to the ground in vein... Upon deaf ears?

Sinners or Saints. Living or about to die. The question's still the same... why?

Like towers we stand together. And like towers we fall.
Family, friend or enemy we are dust when God calls.
When we wipe it from our eyes we finally see the truth.
That we started all the same. Before the blame, before the shame of it all.

It's just another Tuesday and I'm still angry. That's nothing odd, so is everyone else.
Very far away we're still dying for the answers. And God just watches since it's nothing new.
Sinners turned to Saints. Forgiven when about to die. The questions still remain... why?

We have every right to blame. But don't expect God to change.

My children ask about a Tuesday many years ago. It strikes me odd as worse has come and gone.
Maybe because I'm old they think I have answers from God. Sorry, he rarely talks but hears every word...
except the blame.

::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

Tom Mody song liner notesTowers was the song, the catalyst for this whole project. One night around the session for When I Die I was heading to bed and this melody line popped into my head- "Like Towers we together and like Towers we fall". I went to bed with it in my head but got up a few minutes later to work out some ideas. I jotted down a few notes like the first line of the song and then went back to bed. Because on When I Die I had been recording acoustic guitar I stuck with that in the writing of Towers and had intended for the song to be part of the album "Questions for God" as it work great themeatically and the song actually contains the line "questions for God" in the Lyrics. As my first ever acoustic song with no drums or bass it certainly would have stood out, good or bad, on the QFG album. I shortly thereafter showed Jeff the lyrics which he didn't quite get the meaning at first but he liked them and the challenge of the acoustic thing and so we tracked the song over a few weeks. I was concerned he wasn't finding a voice when we started fleshing it out vocally. It seemed this type of singer/songwriter vibe might not be his thing and after the first session I didn't hold out much hope for the song but as many times before he just needed to take it home and come back the next week with a little more comfort and he just hit a home run melodically. I did have a large input on this one as to the vocal melody which is probably why I was having so much trouble with him at first, being I could hear what I wanted in my head instead of letting him develop a melody to our liking. But it came out great and shortly after it's completeion I brought up the idea of saving this song for an acoustic project and to my surprise he really liked that as a fresh idea and challenge for us and frankly, as noted in this album's liner notes, I was frustrated with mixing all the elements that go into a full out metal production. The idea of having to just track guitar and vocals seemed to be a good diversion. So we saved the song and though we have ten others on this album, some more ambitions, this still is THE song in my ears. From a guitar standpoint it really just wrote itself. I sat down with the lyrics, started strumming and chords formed themsleves in ways I'd never created before. It's not my thing to just flow as a writer. It's rerwarding and pleasing to the listener because it comes from an organic soulful place but I'm usually more of a song builder taking pieces and constructing them. It's a great "songwriters" song technically, though it doesn't come back to an end chorus which gives it an "indie" feel rather than a "pop radio" feel. I originally wanted an end chorus but the song didn't call for it and would have been hitting five minutes running time. Now to the meaning. I would think using wording about towers falling is unfortunately a clear reference to the World Trade Centers tragedy. And this is a 9/11 perspective song. The verses cover 3 Tuesdays. The first being the Tuesday of 9/11, my wife is screaming- not at me but in horror of her TV screen. The second Tuesday is more in the now about still wanting answers and being angry. The third Tuesday is well in the future putting events in prespective to your kids. That's my daughter Antonia on the voice over asking the question. But the core of the song is about my concept of God's perspective in that we as Americans have a right to be angry and devestated about this attack on us but God has seen much worse and often daily in ways we can't comprehend. To God there is no us and them, we're created the same from the start but it's anger and blame that's the real sin, the real villian in us all. We may not be capable of fully understanding that but God does so don't expect him to take sides in the manner in which we expect. That's the kind of thinking that motivated the terrorists to do this in the first place. We do have a right to hunt down who did this and to do what is necessary to protect our country and to pray for a resolution and protection which God I think expects from us. It may seem I'm minimalizing God's reaction and maybe I'm trivialing the events of 9/11 but that certainly IS NOT my intent. What American isn't deeply hurt by that day. But the reality is in the grand sceme of things and in the history of Earth... it's just another Tuesady.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

Towers was the first which became an acoustical idea of Tom’s brainchild which will now be known as “Alternate Dimension”. Upon first hearing what Tom had laid down I was both surprised and excited as I really had never been heavily involved in acoustic writing and recording not to mention doing so with Tom whom now has been at the helm of my recording access for a good number of years as a hard/progressive rock/metal partnership. So for me, this was extremely exciting and pivotal. I am a bit embarrassed to say that upon reading Tom’s lyrics to this song and him asking me if I understood the content, I was at a loss. I really had no idea that it had something in part to do with 9/11 and its aftermath and wrestling with the idea of double standards in faith and humanity which is my interpretation after Tom had to spell out what the actual baseline of the song was about. Tom’s probably reading this thinking “what the hell is he talking about?” Anyhow, Towers to me seemed a bit countryesque for lack of a real word and I was pretty excited about exploring new musical territory with him. The problem was, I could not get the right feel with my voice for this song and each time we attempted to record, I for one was not pleased with the outcome of what we laid down for the verses. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but since we were in an experimental stage, I guess we decided to push the experimental envelope and ended up with what you now hear as distorted vox in the verses. I for one am pleased with the outcome although the chorus (the hook) is my favorite part of the song. This was a great segue which opened the door to an incredible new world of music to tease my pallet and I thank Tom immensely for the opportunity. But if he is to write any more songs about a Tuesday, he must include that Tuesday’s are P!$T-N-BROKE rehearsal nights…sorry Tom, I had to get a plug in somewhere.

Tom's Rebuttle: It's just another Tuesday and I'm still angry. That's nothing odd because Jeff's with P!$t & Broke.


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