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Jeffrey Harris and Tom Mody 2011 >::..:.::..:::
United Dictators of Mars
Alternate Dimension

All Walks of Life
Music: Mody/Hensley, Words: Harris/Mody

United Dictators of Mars - Questions for God
..::.::| LYRICS |.::...:.

Enchantment of society obstructs the views of sanctity. Who's to say we are disdain.
No one word definition describes human condition. Rest assured we all are not the same.
Attention it's your maker- don't be fooled. The world will still revolve tomorrow.
The master plan is
well in hand. You don't have to live by the stars. You don't have to live by the cards.
To live life right.

The road to jealousy is the same road to tranquility depending are you headed north or south.
The short cuts of society may impair your ability. Be aware you may walk astray.
Attention Mr. Maker if you care. Will my fortunes turn tomorrow. The master plan seems out of hand.
Why must I wonder in my bed at night.

All walks of life must walk through life day by day but necessarily the same way.

Attention- the sun rose without sorrow. The master plan is in command.
I now see a different way. I now see a new dawning


::.::| LINER NOTES |.::...:.

Tom Mody song liner notesHere's the last of the reworked old songs that were played in Harbinger and Archivon in the early 90's. This song we started to record for the Archivon '93 demos but it was part of a whole debacle with the recording studio that eventually led us to record the songs ourselves and we never came back to it. Live it was just a blistering song full of drumming energy which in this acoustic version is a complete 180 and why I appreciate this version so much. Usually when you see an unplugged version of the song the feel is still there from the electric original but this is both musically and vocally a true alternate dimension of this song. I always liked this song because it's similar to Birds of a Feather from 1991's Harbiner album "The Inevitable" in that it was written in true collaboration between Todd Hensley, Jeff and myself. I know I came up with the music chorus section and all overlapping guitar parts in the intro but I'm having a hard time recognizing after all these years what lyric lines are mine. I know the first verse isn''t because I have no idea what it even means. Probably the second verse and all the Mr. Maker stuff is mine. In all of these unplugged versions I did for this album I didn't change the structure of the song. Everything is mostly in tact from the original but I did cut down the guitar solo section a few measures as Todd and I had split solos originally and to be honest writing long solos on acoustic is a chore. I also added a lot of guitar lead phrasing throughout the song so there is actually a lot more guitar work on this acoustic version. I also like how I interpreted the chorus of the song which was so bombastic in the original- is now soft and hidden in a way. The chorus brings the song down a notch instead of building to a climax on the heavy version and I worked with Jeff a bit to get that same feel from his vocals. I'm not sure Jeff is really sold on this. I think he feels his vocals are too cerebral and maybe weak but I just love the tones in his voice. We also don't do a lot of this "ahhh" stuff for melodies so that was an original twist to the end of the song and filled up space where drums normally would carry the song out. Inevitably songs are like your babies. You want people to see them and see what you've created. These songs like All Walks of Life and Grand Canyon were great classic pieces of music that I just wanted to give some offical life and presentation to and now frankly I don't have to think about finding a place for them in the future. If only I could freeze my kids in time the same way.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

This version of AWOL is not particularly one of my favorites to be quite honest. I do like some of the harmony stuff and appreciate Tom’s interest in getting the song attention that it so much deserves/deserved. But I am unsure that this was the application or platform to do so. I hate to say it but I think AWOL is a great song with immense originality that just plain missed its prime and opportunity to be recorded correctly and pioneered in its original format for presentation to the generation of that time. And I must take Tom’s confusion of lyrical credit as a compliment…for him to not know which is mine and which is his I think puts me in the same writing class of a very brilliant and creative mind…at least for a song ☺ BTW Tom, I wrote the verses, you wrote the pre-chorus’ and we collaborated on the chorus. That was most enjoyable and memorable for me. Perhaps we should have recorded acoustic adaptations of “You Know Who” and “Something Wicked”? LOL.

Tom's Rebuttle: Don't think I didn't consider doing those songs but the song I should have revived is Archivon.


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