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Mody Harris Band History


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End on reality Live Performances 1998
Columbus Hotel Columbus Hotel Honky Tonk
  Adams Center Tavern  
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Tom Mody song liner notesDuring EOR's final year of existance we had a great light show as we built a custom lighting rack system from ground floor up so it didn't have to be flown from a ceiling and we mounted televisions into the rack/truss and we could play videos or graphics behind us. Had we stayed together longer we probably would have developed this further but recordable DVD and other modern media just were not available bac k then. Crowd support was always strong for the 3 years of the band but The Adams Center Tavern footage was obvious that we didn't extend that reach too far from our home base. Having that ligting system in such a small corner bar was pretty over the top. I will note from that show is the only recorded live version of a song called Dog Water which appeared a few years later on the UDM "Smash Hits" album. Not that anyone cared that night


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

Again, very fortunate to have a back catalogue of footage to recall for reminiscing. We must have had the coolest show for a bar and small club band in central New York at the time. It was a daunting task to set it up and especially to tear it down after 3 sets in the wee hours of the morning. Roadies (if we had some) would have made it more enjoyable I’m sure. But man we have some kick ass lighting shots. We would run all kinds of footage and sh!t on the TV’s in the rack and I think the funniest thing I recall was the time I slipped a VCR tape in of many of my hunting experience footage unbeknownst to the guys…that was a hoot!


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