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End on reality 10 Year Reunion 2008
3 Song Set
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Tom Mody song liner notesJeff asked Billy and myself if we'd be willing to play a few songs at Tom Ackerman's surprise birthday party at Howard Johnson's ball room in Norwich New York. Jeff has a cover band called Pi$t & Broke that Ackerman is the drummer in and they played a majority of the evening but the EOR lineup played these 3 songs and it would the first time we'd play togther in 10 years. Ackerman of course was not aware of this so we made sure we practiced songs at home he probably would know how to play. Sex Type Thing sounds really good and I still play this song a couple times a year with Pi$t & Broke when the play in Norwich. Green Manalishi was okay. The closer the camcorder got to the speakers it broke up really bad. I was using their guitar players rig so I wasn't use to the guitar solo sound so that came out really crappy. The last song, I Alone, is easy enough. The significance of this show as noted on the band history page is that we all had kids in attendance which maybe makes us pretty old but it's also pretty cool. My daughter is dancing up a storm up in the front.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

First of all, get the name right Tom…P!$TNBROKE. There is no “&” Its meaning is two fold. Anyhow, this was such an honor and such a pleasure to be a part of. I must thank Tom and Bill for agreeing to take time away from their busy lives and participate although I think they were pretty happy to do so. I also should thank Mark Woodard and Mark Gill for humbly giving up a bit of the spotlight (and equipment) to afford this opportunity to unfold. I for one had a blast and those were great and everlasting moments on that stage. And as Tom explained, it was great having our kids in attendance. It is always a pleasure when we are in Tom’s neck of the woods and have him up for a cameo. Looking forward to the next reunion when we are in our 50’s.


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