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End on reality Cover Song Recordings 1996
Plush Cumbersome Mississippi Queen
  Born to be Wild  
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Tom Mody song liner notesThese 4 songs were recorded in 1996 at our first EOR rehearsal space at our manager Jamie Robinson's basement. I think we recorded two others as well. The song Lump was one of them but I did not come across those recordings in my archives. I didn't include them on the demo we handed out to club owners maybe because I wasn't too happy with them or they were just boring. Plush came out really well and Jeff had been singing Mississippi Queen for years with his part time cover band Call Me Crazy. Jeff led the recording duties as usual back in the analog days and I'd say for a rush job these are pretty clean. He seemed to have a knack for getting a good drum demo sound. This was with Archivon drummer Brian Blaine who was originally with us for the first part of 1996. When I joined EOR it was my first time as a sole guitar player in a band and I also played guitar solos off the cuff a bit more so these solos were not 100% planned out at the time Jeff's finger hit the record button. I would take this approach throught the 3 years I played covers in EOR.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

I may be wrong but I believe we recorded this in a semi-live setting and did some polishing afterward since we wanted to capture somewhat of a live feel for club owners review in drumming up some gigs. Tom will undoubtedly have the last word on this since he has a better memory than I. I may have this confused with a later time where we recorded some covers with Tom Ackerman behind the skins. I don’t normally listen to the back catalogues as a rule of thumb so listening to this for the first time in many, many years has been a pleasing surprise. Especially Plush.

Tom's Rebuttle: Yes I think you are right Jeff as there always was some minor stress associated with this session and though I thought it was my soloing off the cuff I think it was actually recording as a band and I overdubbed the solos, few that there were.


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