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Ace Frehley Tribute Strange Ways 2010
Rocket Ride Snowblind  
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Tom Mody song liner notesIn 2010 my good friend and first ever band mate Tim Wilson arranged for top musicians around the country to contribute their versions of classic Ace Frehley songs for the tribute project entitled "Strange Ways" Tim provided the drum and bass tracks and Jeff and myself record our vision for these 2 classic remakes. Hear all the submissions featured on this project at: http://www.reverbnation.com/mowingbymoonlight


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

Haha this was fun. Thanks to our old friend Tim Wilson of the same alma mater for including us on his project. We are both diehard Kiss fans and I was a huge AF fan from an early age. Most people are probably unaware that I began my musical career playing guitar until I graduated to voice. I wanted to be AF so much so that I picked up the nickname in school Ace or as Tom sometimes calls me Aceman. In the very early days of my musical endeavors, I went by the name Jeffrey Ace Harris and Jace Harris (silly as that sounds). Anyhow, it was a no brainer when Tom presented it to me and it was fun putting our own stamp on it instead of just covering it. It was yet another great opportunity and I’m hopeful that if Ace happens to come across it over the information superhighway, he will be honored rather than insulted. Our contribution was nothing short of honorable. In listening to all the tracks there is one in particular that I was totally impressed with the bass line and sound that Tim laid down…brilliant!! Bravo Tim!


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