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Writing and Arranging for Alternate Dimensions 2009 & 2010
Selfless No Shadow 3:15 AM
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Tom Mody song liner notesThough we didn't always work this way in the writing of this album I did at times sit down with him before I began recording and go over arrangements and ideas before I recorded tracks. In the case of Selfless and No Shadow these were the first 2 tracks recorded once we decided to take on this project so it made sense to feel things out before I layed down some music. Once we got going and I had a feel for what I was doing I then tended to have recorded parts or whole songs for Jeff. The song 3:15 AM is one that we did not work past this sit down. By this point I had all the material planned out and was comfortable with 11 songs and I thought this might work better with drums and bass on an upcoming album. I also recorded us sitting down and working out October 44th but for some reason the audio didn't record. So when I went back to review our session and the audio was missing I had no recollection of what he had me arrange for the song's chorus. Had I been able to hear that session the song would have been much different. I do enjoy working with Jeff in this manner but our recording time is so compact that it's more practical for me to lay down arrangements at my convenience and let him take them home and work off from my arrangements to save time when he's at the studio.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

These are very enjoyable moments for me. To have them captured in time for future reference is priceless. Although I cringe at the sour notes I may hit while ad-libbing from the hip, it is more important to remember that this is where a song is born and then working through its infancy and adolescence until it is all grown up drinking alcohol, acting stupid and getting in trouble and you have to spank it and nurture it until it an finally stand on its own. Ya know what I mean? So yeah, I had forgotten about 3:15 a.m. and now I am reinvigorated to re-visit this and lay it down. It’s gonna be fun…if we incorporate it into the next heavy mayhem forthcoming. Perhaps there will be a couple versions, who knows.


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