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United Dictators of Mars Christmas Recordings  
Little Drummer Boy Feliz Navidad  
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Tom Mody song liner notesIn 2009 I recorded music for a 4 song album featuring my 7 year old daughter singing. She wasn't interested in doing Little Drummer Boy so Jeff came in one night and sang it. It's really one of my favorite recordings. very clean technically, well produced. I did all the "rumpa-a-pum-pum's" and some intro vocal stuff. Since we were in the process of recording the acoustic album "Alternate Dimension" I kept the song acoustic and had considered putting it as a bonus track on that album but I think I do prefer it standing alone. Maybe over the years we'll record a few more and package them. Feliz Navidad was the replacement song for my daughter's album since she wouldn't do Drummer Boy". I thought it lacked a little something and Jeff upon hearing it felt he could add his touch to it and did so prefectly. My wife considers it her favorite singing he's done though I'm not sure if that wasn't more of a back handed compliment. The video features 40 years of Mody family vidoe fotage montaged throughout and is really a touching video. I've posted the rest of her Christmas songs and videos on my personal history page Audio Xtras on this web site. Both songs have an original arrangement and I take much pride in how well I reinvented these classics.


Jeffrey Harris song liner notes

Upon Tom’s request to do an Xmas song I was interested at the little break from the serious recording action but when I discovered it would be LDB I have to admit I was a bit deflated. One of my least favorite xmas songs although I must also admit that I really enjoy Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s duet rendition. I wasn’t extremely into recording it and perhaps it is evident. It is a very dark yet diverse revamp so I had reservations throughout the recording. I do however, like the harmony piece. With regard to Antonia’s Feliz Navidad recording, I have a different recollection than Tom. I recall not being enthusiastic about LDB and then he played me the FN recording which he will usually do when Antonia records something. I was in love with the version. I remember thinking at that moment, “why cant I have opportunity for a song like this?” Then I thought, “I would like to be invited to have a cameo on this recording cause I could add some spice to it”. Tom burned me a copy of it and in my personal time I found myself adding what I thought would be nice parts to it.” What I don’t recall is if Tom invited me to sing on the recording or if I subtly invited myself but I was very pleased and honored to have the opportunity to be a part of ‘Toni’s project. To this day I can honestly say that each time I listen to this song, I am immensely pleased with it. The recording itself is very smooth and polished.


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